Green Days Farm and Kennels is a German shepherd and Nigerian Dwarf Goat Breeder in Placerville, California

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Happiness is Home Grown

Green Days is a small hobby farm located in the western foothills of the Sierras in Northern California, Sacramento aria, town of Placerville where we breed Nigerian Dwarf goats and occasionally we have litters of German shepherd puppies to die for! They are our biggest hobby and our biggest pride. Here in the historical Gold Country we found our own treasure in home grown foods and blending happily with Mother Nature. We believe in sustainable lifestyle and leaving a small foot print on this planet Earth.

Being a dog breeder and a judge for dog shows in the past I just cannot help it, I have to have the purest, the finest, the best animals to keep! Onse you are a breeder, you are a breeder for life. After thorough research and following hundreds pedigrees, we brought some quite awesome animals to our farm. Our Nigerian Dwarf goats came from Show and Milk Production Champions Lines. Besides that, they are simply adorable! We are milking them year around and almost always have baby goats to keep and to sell. Please browse our Nigerian Dwarf Goats kids and German Shepherd puppies for sale pages.
We farm because we love to, and we breed because we love to!


Olga Kaminker
Cell: (530)748-6996
Placerville, CA