Green Days Farm is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat Breeder in California. Baby Goats For Sale in CA

Nigerian Dwarf Goats - the total package!

If you have ever wanted to have a dairy goat - these are wonderful little girls. They are fun pets as they are very smart and loving. Most Nigerians give about two quarts of milk a day. Does stands 22.5 inches tall and bucks no more 23.5 inches tall. Their milk is high in butterfat making their yogurt and cheeses delicious. Our doelings give us 4-6 cups a day. Nigerian Dwarfs are alot smaller and easier to handle than other breeds. If you need a couple of good weed and brush eaters, these are the ones. Nigerians are a very hardy breed and do a lot of work on blackberries, poison oak, thistles, etc. They are outside all day, only need a little shelter for winter rains and at night. You need to have at least two goats, as they are herd animals and need to be with a buddy or they get extremely lonely, but you never can have too many dwarf goats! Pigs, horses or sheeps are great company for them too.

We breed for cuteness, friendliness and milk production. Our Nigerian dwarf goats come from excellent blood lines, including Rosasharn and Algedi farm, home of many show champions and milk production award winners. All our goats regestered in in ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association). Kids are going to new homes disbudded and dewormed.


Olga Kaminker
Cell: (530)748-6996
Placerville, CA