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Green Days Puppies

Our German shepherd puppies are Cuddle Muffins! They have a very good life here on a Green Days Farm. They are running all over since about the time they are able to run. They have a good appetite and sleep even better because they are always outside. We share with them goat milk, fresh farm eggs and they also like greens and veggies from our garden. You must be thinking now ... "damn, should I have a better diet?" But puppies life is not like a big fat marrow bone. Young dogs have to learn their rank in a dominance hierarchy, compete with siblings and obey the leader. We like to see them growing and we like to see them going to nice homes. We love to spoil them a lot here, hope you will do too!! Please click here to see our German Shepherd puppies available for sale and find some quite awesome pup for you

Guide to Raising German Shepherd Puppy


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