German Shepherd Puppies / German Shepherd Breeder in Northern California

Guarantee and Sales Agreement


Name _____________________________________ DOB: ______________________ Gender:_____ AKC Number: DN__________________________

Sir: __________________________________________________________ Dam: __________________________________________________________

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Breeding Rights: Full / Limited


Purchase price of $_______________ is mutually acknowledged

Deposit of $ ________________ paid on ________________ Balance of ________________ paid in full on ______________________


Seller agrees to guarantee the sold dog up to 1 (one) year of age against hereditary hip and elbow dysplasia. If this puppy develops SEVERE (crippling) hip or elbow dysplasia, evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), and it is proven to be not a result of injury or improper care, Seller agrees to replace the dog with another puppy of the same grade and gender. Any other health conditions that breed related, infectious, accidental or behavioral attributes are not covered by this guarantee.


4.1 Buyer agrees to give the dog proper physical and emotional care, socializing and training, provide regular moderate exercise and feed premium quality dog food. Buyer is aware that if the puppy is engaged in activities that would stress the hips, or the dog was SPAYED / NEUTERED before one year of age, Hips and Elbow Guarantee becomes null and void.


5.1. Seller shall provide Buyer with the following: The original Pedigree or AKC registration application and Health Record

5.2 This dog is sold with LIMITED AKC Registration, unless otherwise noted

5.3 Seller is not responsible for any veterinary bills occurred after the dog left Seller possession

5.4 Buyer further agrees that the buyer is solely responsible for any and all actions of the dog and agrees to hold Seller harmless from any and all claims for body injury and / or property damages caused by the dog

5.5 The parties acknowledge that it cannot be predicted with certainty what physical or behavioral attributes a dog may develop as it matures, therefore the sold dog is not guaranteed for show career or breeding

5.6 Buyer agrees to provide Seller with Photographs that Seller may use in our webpage:

5.7 All sales are final and deposits and / or other payments are non refundable

Seller: ______________________________________________ Cell: ____________________________ e-mail: ___________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

signature and date: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Buyer: ______________________________________________ Cell:____________________________ e-mail: ___________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

signature and date: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________